We decided that it was important to set up a website to help people with their finances. We know that personal finance is something that many people find stressful and they will often make poor financial decisions because they are not well informed with regards to what impacts different financial decisions will have on them. Therefore, we decided that we would share some general information about finance that we thought would be useful. We hope that lots of people will see it and that they will be able to benefit from it. We hope that the information will help people to start thinking about their finances and that this will enable them to be able to make changes that will let them become better off. We know that it is just a little information, but hopefully they will then want to learn even more and keep going until they feel fully in control of their finances. It can be a great feeling and something that everyone could benefit from. Knowing what to think about when making financial decisions and factors to consider can make a big difference to each of us and will help us all to be better off financially.